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DDG Secures U.S. Naval Community College Instructional Support Award

1 July 2022

Davis Defense Group, Inc. (DDG) was selected as trusted and strategic subcontracting partner to provide the U.S. Naval Community College (USNCC) Instructional Support that aims to advance the Navy’s warfighting advantage and enhance operational readiness by providing world-class, naval-relevant education to a globally deployed force.

In order to further the mission of having the best prepared and most effective maritime fighting force in the world, the Department of the Navy has decided to pilot and develop a community college specifically supporting naval education for enlisted service members. The concept of the US Naval Community College or USNCC, came out of a study seeking to identify opportunities to better prepare our exceptional enlisted service members and to support them throughout their career.

Naval leadership directed the USNCC to begin pilot programs to identify the best way to help our enlisted naval service members to access naval-relevant education opportunities that will both make them better warfighters and support lifelong learning. The purpose of the USNCC Instructional Support task order is to provide USNCC with adjunct instructors to deliver the Naval Studies courses to globally deployed Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen.

The non-personal services to be provided include project management and instructional services supporting USNCC in delivering the USNCC Naval Studies courses. USNCC is committed to developing warfighters across the force who are committed to lifelong learning, are steeped in naval traditions and values, have sound leadership qualities and ethical decision-making ability, possess improved critical thinking and technical skills and have a deep understanding of the complex maritime environment in which they operate.

The period of performance for this contract is 1 July 2022 through 30 June 2023. DDG looks forward to the opportunity to build this pilot program from the ground up using our inherent and extensive curriculum development and training experience.


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